Penentuan Jarak Terpendek Pada Jalur Pengiriman Musae Chips Dengan Menggunakan Algoritma Genetika

  • Muhammad Bahrul Arif Politeknik Negeri Jember
Keywords: Genetic Algorithm, Software, Distribution.


Combination of good path distribution by land can optimize travel time and costs. However, not all of these path distribution combinations will provide the best solution. The study was conducted to determine the distribution of goods so that the best solution is achieved. To simplify the process of determining the goods distribution channel, it is supported by software development. Genetic algorithms that have reliability in producing optimal solutions can be used to solve this problem. The application of the genetic algorithm method is applied in software. In the software that is built, there are several inputs needed, namely: cities destination distribution as the initial chromosome number, number of generations, crossover probability and probability of mutation. The result of processing is a combination of goods distribution lines to be taken which represent the solution to this problem. Only the best chromosomes will be given as a result. Through the software that was built, the determination of goods distribution lines is expected to be better and can optimize the time and cost of travel. Based on the research, 5 road combinations are used as chip distribution routes used for testing. This study results from the first fitness gene get the highest fitness 7.4, fitness lowest 5.6 and the second gene get the highest fitness 9.3, fitness lowest 5.6.