Model Perilaku Keamanan Siber Pada Pengguna Sosial Media Pada Masa Pandemi Covid-19

  • Ameilia Nur Aini, Ameilia
  • Edy Wahyudi, Edy
  • Imannurdin Abdillah, iman


The use of social media is very developed during the COVID-19 pandemic, this increases the risk of data leakage, most of which are caused by internal parties from social media users themselves. For that we need an instrument that can measure the behavior of users who are at risk of social media that is used to minimize the potential for such leaks. This research consists of three stages including a literature review on aspects that affect the security of the social media system. The second stage is the preparation of a questionnaire design regarding the risk of cyber attacks on social media. Then the third stage is testing the reliability and validity of the questionnaire. Based on the research, there are 4 aspects that affect the security of social media, namely the use of electronic devices, access to social media, internet behavior, and unusual events in health facilities. The developed questionnaire consists of 27 question items which are divided into these 4 aspects. In the overall validity test the items are valid (r count > r table). While the reliability test of the questionnaire was reliable with Cronbach's Alpha value of 0.867. The developed questionnaire design can be applied to assess the risk of cyber attacks on social media among workers. Further research is needed to implement the questionnaire design