Pemilihan Desa Terbaik Di Kawasan KPHP Sungai Sembulan Menggunakan Metode SAW

  • Fitri Yani ISB Atma Luhur, Pangkal Pinang, Indonesia
  • Bambang Adiwinoto ISB Atma Luhur, Pangkal Pinang, Indonesia
  • Ellya Helmud ISB Atma Luhur, Pangkal Pinang, Indonesia
  • Marini Marini ISB Atma Luhur, Pangkal Pinang, Indonesia


Forest areas that have the potential to be developed as production forests need to be protected because if they are not immediately protected by the government, there will be illegal logging, forest burning and other activities that will damage the forest itself. With the existence of a Production Forest Management Unit or abbreviated as KPHP, it is the government's effort to protect forests that have potential as production forests. However, in its management, it still has not maximized the existing potential so that it has not increased state revenue in the utilization of forest products so that a decision support system is needed to support or maximize government policies. In the decision support system for selecting the best village in the KPHP area, there are several criteria, namely the potential for NTFPs has a weight of 30%, the level of damage has a weight of 35%, forest farmer groups have a weight of 25% and environmental services have a weight of 10%. While the alternatives consist of Lampur with a weight of 0.59, Kerantai with a weight of 0.35, Cracks with a weight of 0.41, Tanjung Pura with a weight of 0.86 and Kemingking 0.66.